3-12-20 Update

Followers of Christ, amid the escalating contagion of fear as Covid-19 (Coronavirus) continues to dominate the 24-hour news cycle, we must be reminded that our command from Jesus is still what it always has been: FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU. This is the opportunity for The Church to exhibit FAITH in our community to those around us, and not spiral into a panic mode like we have been forsaken by God. Fear left unchecked is the most difficult and debilitating contagion an individual or culture can endure. As a church, our family is going to express faith and not fear, and we are going to pray for healing and protection in our communities and world. I want to encourage you to have a faith-filled and common-sense response to circumstances like this.

As a practical matter we have increased common-sense measures already in place to engage these present health concerns in our world:

1. We are implementing additional hygiene precautions in our building during this time.
*Hand Sanitizer is available in the lobby as well as all children’s areas.
*Extra precautions are being taken to sanitize door handles, other touch points, and in children’s areas.
2. Please use common sense concerning health precautions.
*If you or your children are sick, for any reason, please do not attend.
*Our current wellness policy for children will remain in place with the following edition: A child with a cough, sneezing, fever, or runny nose in the last 48 hours will not be permitted in our children’s ministry.
*Please wash your hands and use the hand sanitation stations frequently.
*Do not feel obligated to shake hands.
3. If you are uncomfortable attending, we will be live streaming our service on our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/WeAreRealLifeChurch

Join with us this and every Sunday morning at 10:00am and follow us on our podcast at www.RealLifeChurch.me and www.AndyShaver.org .

Your Pastor & Friend,

Andy Shaver