Dear Friends,

We have been so blessed by our opportunities to gather outside, and as you may have heard, we are so excited to begin meeting together again for in-person worship experiences! We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 restrictions and with all restrictions being lifted on churches, we sense the leading of the Holy Spirit to begin in-person worship experiences in our sanctuary on this Sunday, June 14 with at 10:00 AM. We will be assessing any need to add an additional service to offer more space as we begin meeting again. It is our goal to ensure Real Life remains a safe and spiritually vibrant environment!



  • Respecting Social Distancing: Real Life Church is one of the friendliest places around, but for this season, we are exchanging hugs and handshakes for smiles and waves. We ask that you respect other individuals' desire for physical distance.  On your way in you will receive a set of red note cards.  If you desire a  gap between you and the next person when you are seated, we ask you to use the red cards on the seats on either side of you to let others know.  The auditorium seating will have a larger space between rows to provide a greater distance for those who desire it.  If you wish to wear a mask, please bring one, however masks are not required.  Hand-sanitizer will be available in the lobby.
  • The Highest Level of Cleaning: Our cleaning team has prepared the building for your return. Prior to each Sunday, our cleaning teams will also be present ensuring every space is sanitized.

  • Not feeling well? We ask that if you have any symptoms, that you love others by choosing to stay home and worship with us at Real Life Church Online. 

  • Kids and Students:  We’ve prayed a lot about our students and children, asking God how to keep them safe and yet still serve our families.  Sunday, June 14th, all children and adults will be meeting together for a “Family Style” worship service.  Worship will be interactive and engaging for you and your children.  The message will be illustrated and engage all ages.  We are currently developing a strategy to re-engage our children in corporate gatherings.  Ministry to our children will begin with the older age groups and younger age groups will follow as appropriate.  We will be listening to you as parents, as well as using the best advised practices for Children's Ministry as we move forward.  We do know that  Rise Youth will begin meeting on Sunday, June 21, and that we hope to have all children/students engaged in ministry each week by July 5th.

As we re-engage in children's ministries, rest assured in addition to spiritually vibrant ministry, the following will be paramount as we move forward: 

  • Industry Standard Disinfecting
  • Enhanced Touch Free Check-in
  • Strictly Enforced Wellness Policy
  • Limited Room Occupancy

We understand that during this time you may have questions or concerns about in-person gatherings.  I would personally love to hear from you and have the opportunity to answer your questions and see how we can engage your needs.  You can reach me at (517)541-5433 x1 or

Your Friend,

Pastor Andy Shaver