At Real Life Church women are serving in all areas, but there is something uniquely special when Christian women connection. This is a ministry focused on bringing together a powerful force in God’s kingdom. . . . women. Our goal is to reorganize with you in mind, your life, your ideas, and your passion as God’s daughters. Please contact me if you have ideas to share. Let me know your passion and how you’d like to be ministered to and also to minister and serve one another.

Our Overarching goals:
Spiritual Development


You Are Unique

You are unique in God’s kingdom. There is no one like you. No one has the talents, skills, and abilities that you have. No one has the experience that you have. No one can do the things that you can do. No one can achieve the destiny that God has
for your life – except you. And no one can replace you in God’s heart. No one could ever be so special to God that God wouldn’t still yearn for your company. You are incredibly important to God. You are adorable and treasured in God’s sight. God loves you just the way you are. God thinks you are awesome, yet God is eager to help you become even more – more joyful, more contented, more mature, and more blessed. You are uniquely qualified and prepared for each day, because God is living in you and you are living inside God’s love.
Beth McLendon

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