Our students have so many influences in today’s world, everywhere they turn you hear ads, music, TV, even their peers telling them what they should wear, how they should talk and they should be. We are showing them how to live radically for Christ.

Catalyst Youth is purposed to develop, equip, and challenge students, we want to see each of our students make a bigger impact on their peers, schools, community and the world. We believe every student that walks through our doors is created for greatness, and we do what it takes to help them discover their God given purposes. We foster firm beliefs in God’s goodness, the completeness of Christ’s work on the cross, and the value of each person.

Our Aim

We believe our students are awesome just how God made them. Our ministry is centered around partnering with parents to help our students connect with God in personal way and see them be empowered by the Spirit to walk in thier God given Identity.

Our Staff

Catalyst Student Ministries (6th-12th grades)

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