9:30am online SERVICE
12:00PM outdoor service



I want to challenge you to make the choice to Trust God, Serve Others, and Give Generously!  You will never be let down by placing all of your trust in Jesus Christ.  The essence of our mission as Christ-followers is to "occupy until Christ returns"  that means we cannot live in fear and be self-centered.  Our mission hasn't changed, God has called us to serve those around us.  Find some creative ways to do that, and continue!  Finally we have a passion and responsibility for the local church.  Don't let the testimony of this church be harmed in the community through the way you live and the way you give!  Purpose in your heart to help us continue to move forward as we advance the Good News of Jesus in this region and our world.  Even if we are unable to meet together we still can give generously either by online, text to give or in the mail.  You can use the give button in the resources below.

As the leaders of Real Life Church, we remain available to you all week to minister to you. We want to hear from you! If you need prayer, have a question, or need help we care about you and will do everything we can to help. We will keep you informed through email, website, and social media for ministry changes. The situation is very fluid. We need to be flexible. Remember, new wine skins are flexible and open to new wine. We need to be open to God during this time for new ways to minister the Gospel.  Please use this page and the UPDATES below to keep your family up to date.  We want to stay connect with you!

Remember the three words for us as a church. They are:
1. Faith instead of Fear
2. Wisdom instead of Worry
3. Precaution instead of Anxiety
Jesus' command to us is "FEAR NOT"

Your Friend,

Pastor Andy Shaver