Welcome to our Nursery!


A Word From Our Pastor:

One of the first impressions of God’s love can come from a positive church experience during the first years of life. Our nursery is committed to providing infants and toddlers with a safe, secure and loving environment at our weekend services.  I hope you are as excited to be here as we are to have you!  If there is anything we can do to better serve you, please let us know.  In the following paragraphs you will find several ways which you can help us care for your children, and make our nursery a better place for all!

– Pastor Andy Shaver

Check-In/Check-Out Times

Baby’s Life Nursery opens for check-in 20 minutes prior to the start of each service, and closes 10 minutes after the service ends.  We ask that you as a parent come prior to the start of service to check in your child and return to check out your child before the nursery closes.


When You Arrive At The Nursery

A worker will meet you at the check-in desk to receive your child and any other necessary items. Please check-in and note any information that will help in caring for your child such as feeding times, allergies and special needs. At the time of check-in:

  • Please completely fill out all information on the the sign-in sheet at the check in desk. Please indicate if you will be in a location other than the auditorium during the service [i.e. if you are serving in Kid’s Life, then put Kid’s Life.]
  • You will then be assigned a numbered security card. You WILL be required to return this when picking up your child.
  • Use masking tape to label all belongings including diaper bag, bottle, etc., or special item (e.g. blanket, pacifier).
  • Write your child’s name on an Information Card and note your preferences by indicating “yes” or “no” where appropriate.  Write any special instructions (i.e. allergies, nap time, likes/dislikes, etc.) at the bottom.
  • Wait with your child at the desk until a volunteer greets you and is ready to bring your child into the room. Please do not pass beyond the counter as this can create confusion or congestion.
  • When you come to pick up your child, hand your number card to a volunteer and they will get your child for you. (They will not release a child without the card.)

What To Bring

When packing a diaper bag for your child, please include the following items:

1.  Two or three disposable diapers and wipes.

2.  Pacifier or other items should your child need it for security.

3.  A complete change of clothes in case your child would require that.

4.  A bottle and/or sipper cup of formula, milk, juice or water. No drink boxes or drink bottles with straws please.  (This is a good practice even for mothers who nurse.)

Please label all personal items with your child’s first and last name before arriving at your child’s class. This helps us keep track of your child’s items.


Snacks are provided for the children. The food items consist of water and Cheerios. If your child has an allergy, please inform the leader when you check in your child.

Our Health Policy

In order to provide a safe and healthy nursery environment for all children, we ask that you keep your child with you any time he or she exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever within the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea within the previous 24 hours
  • Any symptoms of childhood diseases such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps, chicken pox or whooping cough
  • Runny nose with any colored discharge or persistent runny nose
  • Any unexplained rash, any skin infection, pink eye and other eye infections
  • Head lice (child should be free of all nits).
  • If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he/she should be on the medication for at least 24 hours prior to coming to the nursery.

To prevent accidental overdoses or other problems, nursery workers are not permitted under any circumstance to administer medication.  General first aid, such as applying band-aids to minor scrapes is obviously permitted.  We request that you not place your child in the program while they are at risk of exposing other children. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our Baby’s Life program a healthy place for all!