Real Life Christian Academy is pleased to offer courses for homeschool students in Grades 7-12 on Fridays starting on October 29th.  Each student is required to pre-register for each class and

Real Life Christian Academy has a rigorous academic standard with all subjects being taught from a consistent Biblical worldview.

TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL rlchristianacademy@gmail.com OR CALL US AT (517)541-5433



Course Tutor: Gina Johnsen

Time: 8:30am  – 10:15am Fridays

Tuition: $295.00 for full year (October – May)

We will teach the foundations of grammar, good writing skills, beginning with the basic parts of speech, sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation, and concluding the successful paragraph and short essay development. Other practical aspects of this class will include learning to write business letters, thank you letters, introduction letters, writing a biography of one’s self, and creating an appropriate resume.
Students also will have the opportunity to practice learning to speak clearly to communicate ideas to others and projecting their voices with confidence to be heard by any audience.
Required Supplies: 
2 – Pocket Folder
Recommended Texts:


Course Tutor: Leonard Mailand Jr.

Time: 10:30am  – 12:20pm Fridays

Tuition: $295.00 for full year (October – May)

We will approach our study of U.S. History from a providential point of view. In doing so we will focus on the key ideas/worldview presuppositions and their influence on the development of life and thought in America. We will look at the key actors (individuals and groups) and events in our nation’s history. As our nation has not developed in a vacuum, we will also
consider international events, which have impinged upon us. The scope of our study will take us from the European historical context for exploration and colonization to the present. We will use documentary readings as well as the textbook to assist us in gaining a greater understanding of the periods we are studying. While the study of history is more than names, dates, and events, the student who will benefit most from his studies will acquire knowledge of the grammar of history, specifically the basic facts of information that enable him to enter into ongoing conversation efficiently and intelligently with his classmates and tutor. Students will also receive instruction in writing for history.
Evaluation will be based upon charting of key events, writing assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Recommended Texts:
While there will not be a specific required text, each student will need to have access to a US
History survey in order to complete assigned topic readings. Parents may want to choose a
particular textual resource appropriate to their child’s reading level. For the sake of simplicity
topic assignments will correspond to the following recommended US History text available
through abeka Books or the RLCA School Store

Abeka: United States History: Heritage of Freedom, 4 th Edition (Print Edition)
Abeka: United States History: Heritage of Freedom, 4 th Edition (Digital Edition)


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